It's me!Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein is an Oregonian printmaker from Hawai’i who uses the ancient craft of woodcutting to explore giant robots, things with claws, and the boundaries of the human. But mostly claws. She can be contacted at mechacharibdys at gmail dot com, and her portfolio is totally available for viewing here.


“Snow Bird,” a short comic in Tankadere Volume I: Around the World in 80 Pages.
Illustrations for “The Trojan Girl” by N.K. Jemisin in Weird Tales 357, 2011
“The Ferryman,” Shimmer Magazine, Issue 12, 2010
Various in Kobold Quarterly‘s Issue 12 & 13, 2010
“Nasmina” and “The Church” in The Future Fire Issue 18, 2009
“Last Thursday’s Exhibition a Disappointment at Pickman’s Art Gallery,” Innsmouth Free Press, 2009
“Zaku II,” “Sazabi,” and “Dom” in Bamboo Grove‘s 2009 Clothesline Show
“Good morning, Citizens,” Shimmer Magazine, Issue 11
“Mirror” in Print Zero Exchange 2009
“Spiderweb,” Permanent Installation on Portland State University campus, 2009
“Manu O Ke Kai.” Permanent Collection of the Kyoto International Woodblock Association, 2008
“Kookaburra,” Lane Community College Juried Student Show, 2008
“Lovebirds” in Print Zero Exchange 2008, toured worldwide
“Untitled,” cell phone photography contest 1st place winner, flashquake magazine, Spring 2007


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