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New portfolio website!

You may have noticed that I no longer update this website. You would be correct! Instead, I would like to direct you to my current portfolio site,, where I will be consolidating my web presence and hopefully install a blog and the like. Meanwhile, it is an image-based portfolio. Enjoy!


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Reorganizing Portfolios

Just as a heads up, I’m separating my portfolios into illustration and design.

The illustration one can be found here:
And the design portfolio can be found here:

As all portfolios, both are works in progress.

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The Black Dog + Weird Tales #357!

Calling all of my posts “sketch of the day” was getting confusing, so I’m stopping that nonsense right now. I can only imagine that in a few weeks out of desperation I’ll be cannibalizing lyrics from songs for titles or something. This particular sketch is from a series I’m trying to work out. It is actually 6 feet by 6 feet large, drawn partially in frustration after one class where the only crit I got was “you should make it bigger.” SO I DID.


In other awesome news, two of my illustrations accompany N.K. Jemisin’s story “The Trojan Girl” in this quarter’s Weird Tales #357. Order your copy here!

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