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Saint Mantis Sketch

Messing around in photoshop. The texture’s just for fun.


This is a draft sketch for a little woodblock print I want to do, which is in turn a study for a larger work (mostly in process and technique). Maybe a vulture next, if this works out? I feel like I’m treading awfully close to Ursula Vernon’s territory, though.


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Absolution Preview

A peek at one panel from a 20-page wordless comic I’m working on called Absolution. It’ll be available at Stumptown and Sakuracon 2011.

the city at night

Absolution page 1 preview


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Kiss from a Rose!

I am now happy to announce the completion of shoujo comedy one-shot comic KISS FROM A ROSE. KISS FROM A ROSE is a collaboration project with the amazing Danielle DeMartini and the fabulous Caitlin Like.

The cover (by Caitlin) can be seen on deviantArt!

There will be more information soon, including ordering information and convention appearances with my good friend Melanie, but right now I’d like to offer a sneak peek into the development of the lead villain’s design:

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The Black Dog + Weird Tales #357!

Calling all of my posts “sketch of the day” was getting confusing, so I’m stopping that nonsense right now. I can only imagine that in a few weeks out of desperation I’ll be cannibalizing lyrics from songs for titles or something. This particular sketch is from a series I’m trying to work out. It is actually 6 feet by 6 feet large, drawn partially in frustration after one class where the only crit I got was “you should make it bigger.” SO I DID.


In other awesome news, two of my illustrations accompany N.K. Jemisin’s story “The Trojan Girl” in this quarter’s Weird Tales #357. Order your copy here!

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Sketch of the Day

tsk tsk

I really enjoy drawing hands!


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Sketch of the Day

The Eyes Have It

Character concept sketch for a potential comics project. Click to embiggen!

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Sketch of the Day

Voice of the People



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