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Saint Mantis Sketch

Messing around in photoshop. The texture’s just for fun.


This is a draft sketch for a little woodblock print I want to do, which is in turn a study for a larger work (mostly in process and technique). Maybe a vulture next, if this works out? I feel like I’m treading awfully close to Ursula Vernon’s territory, though.


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Shuggoth Paint Sketch


This is about a year old. Gouache study for a painted illustration for Kobold Quarterly magazine.

In other awesome news, I got a short story accepted into Arcane magazine! Strangely enough, it’s a horror story.

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Nathaniel: character concept sketches

Whoops, I did not mean to take a month break from blogging. Here’s some character design sketches from a comic I’m working on. Click to enlarge.

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Intro to Printmaking, I

Since I’m primarily a printmaker, I thought that I’d start off my Thursdays with a quick intro to printmaking. I primarily do relief printmaking in wood, with a few forays into linoleum and that wonderful white eraser rubber stuff. I’ve done etching, drypoint, monotype, screenprinting, and a couple other methods, not always successfully, but many of those methods require a much fancier setup than I have currently. Relief, on the other hand, does not require a huge amount of space, and can be printed by hand rather than needing a huge press setup or vats of acid or giant slabs of limestone. Screenprinting is also fairly easy to do in, say, a garage, but that’s a subject for another day.

I posted up a scan of one of the final the Winter Bird prints yesterday, so today I’ve got a picture of it about a third of the way carved. You can see I started with the outside; the order that pieces are carved in doesn’t really matter.


In this case I drew straight on the block, totally forgetting that the final would be reversed, and then swore a bit. After I’d decided that the image worked just as well reversed, I primed the surface with ordinary white Elmer’s glue. Priming with glue isn’t always necessary, but in this case the lines were so fine that I was afraid that the . The glue (a very light coat) helps hold the wood fibers together and also smooths the surface. That done, I inked the picture with a brush. Really only halfway- you can see that I didn’t use a terribly organized process with this one. When more colors are involved, it takes a lot more planning and precision. I inked the surface mostly so that I could tell what lines I would be carving on.

Usually I prime a woodblock with a light wash of watercolor so that the carved surface and the surface that will print are more clearly differentiated — this one I didn’t bother because it’s such a tiny quick piece. The feathers were tricky, though. I mostly used a knife.

Whew, that’s a lot of information in a short time. And carving is the easy part! Next Thursday: carving tools!

I know I have a tendency to dump a lot of information fast and/or without context, so if you have any questions, please ask.


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Absolution Preview

A peek at one panel from a 20-page wordless comic I’m working on called Absolution. It’ll be available at Stumptown and Sakuracon 2011.

the city at night

Absolution page 1 preview


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Kiss from a Rose!

I am now happy to announce the completion of shoujo comedy one-shot comic KISS FROM A ROSE. KISS FROM A ROSE is a collaboration project with the amazing Danielle DeMartini and the fabulous Caitlin Like.

The cover (by Caitlin) can be seen on deviantArt!

There will be more information soon, including ordering information and convention appearances with my good friend Melanie, but right now I’d like to offer a sneak peek into the development of the lead villain’s design:

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January Portrait

om nom nom

I drew this on the bus on the way to one of my internships last week, then scanned it and tried a new screentoning method (new for me, anyway!) on it. I like how it turned out. And it’s me! Wearing earrings! I really love hoop earrings, both how they look and wearing them.

I have exciting news coming up! I can’t talk about it in detail just yet, but it has to do with book design, art, invading aliens, and my other internship! This has been a busy term so far and looks to get busier, but it’s been awesome so far.


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